Starting The Week Right

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve had a pretty relaxed weekend. I’ve caught up with a couple of friends, I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and I made a relatively healthy meal for dinner yesterday and there’s enough for leftovers today! That makes me so much happier than it should.

So my weekend was going great. I got up pretty early this morning and I thought I would take the dogs for a long walk as they’ve been a little challenging lately. Nothing major, just unsettled and general pains in the ass! So I planned to have breakfast when I got back and headed out around 8:30am. The walk was great. It’s such a beautiful day; the sun is shining and the dogs are very well behaved off-lead now. During the walk,  I was relaxed and kind of just soaking up the outdoor vibes. I took the photo below (I’m pretty proud of it!) and I was just thinking to myself ‘this is such a nice way to spend a Sunday morning’.


Pretty cool, right? So there I was walking along and my Labrador, Mawgan, managed to find the only MUDDY PUDDLE in the entire country. A slight exaggeration, but seriously, he will find the water where you think there couldn’t be any. Usually, full of crap and he just plonks his entire body in the puddle and then stretches in it! He’s pretty much white, by the way. A very pale Labrador. As you can imagine, he was a mess. His lower body caked in mud and the top half, white.

mawgan-being-naughtyThis isn’t today’s incident (pic from last year), but pretty much a replica. See how smug he is!

Suffice to say by the time I’d got home, cleaned him up and cried at the state of my car, I was not feeling so relaxed anymore. Mawgan doesn’t like to be cleaned and it turned into a whole big ordeal that took ten times longer than it should have. George, my other dog, was being super needy and trying to jump all over my back! I had to have a ten minute time out. A couple of months ago, I probably would have it affect my mood more than it should have. Today, I took a couple of minutes to clear my head and moved passed it.

So I’m feeling pretty chill again and been thinking about what I want my week to look like.  I work Monday- Fridays so most of my week is immediately taken up with that. However, I have a couple things I intend to do and maintain the routines I’ve already set. I’m going into week 5 of the Couch to 5K. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress. I couldn’t even run a full minute without dying in the first week so I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve planned out the days that I’m going to run and I’m trying to be very strict with myself when I make a plan now. My favourite thing to say used to be, “I think I’m going to…..” By not making a definite plan to do something, whether that be exercise or anything else, I fell like I could get away with not doing it. Because it wasn’t really a plan – I wasn’t making the time or making it a priority. I realised that by letting myself get away with that shit, I was only hurting myself and stopping myself from accomplishing my goals.

I’m on my way to becoming a more organised person. It’s a skill and I need to develop it until it becomes a integral part of my character. So to start the week the right way, I’m going to be sitting down with a cup of coffee and planning out my week. I bought a little day planner, so when I post on Friday I’ll include a photo of my week in the day planner and I’ll let you know how well I’ve suck to it!

Thank you for reading and if anything resonates with you, please leave a comment!

Carla xXx